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A Head's Up On Koca Nola

Welcome to KocaNola.com!

Esposito Koca Nola HutchinsonKocaNola.com is a site dedicated to the process of gathering, preserving, and sharing historical information about Koca Nola. Much of the information and material accumulated thus far has been obtained thanks to the strong and much-appreciated support of a core group of advanced collectors and researchers who have generously responded to advertisements placed in hobby publications.  By broadening communication about this initiative to the world wide web, we are expanding our search and reaching out to all collectors and historians across the continent.

This beautiful, golden yellow Koca Nola Hutchinson soda bottle was manufactured for use by James Esposito in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  The embossed lettering has been painted white to make it easier to read when photographed.  (Photo: R. J. Brown)


Our objective is to support and promote the preservation, study, documentation, collection, display, communication and sharing of information about everything related to Koca Nola.  We are continuing to gather information for the next edition of A Heads-Up On Koca Nola, the book (with price-value guide) I have authored about Koca Nola.  Longer term we will continue to gather and present information, and utilize KocaNola.com as a centralized repository and source of information for anyone interested in Koca Nola.


Of the 150+ Coca-Cola copycat soda brands known to exist during the first two decades of the Twentieth Century, Koca Nola was remarkable for three reasons:


Please check out the accompanying pages to learn more about my background, the history of Koca Nola, how you can help us document the Koca Nola story, and how to contact us.  After you have reviewed that information, we encourage you to: